Sunday, August 7, 2011

Old inspiration for a new hobby

Last night I went out with Z for ice cream. As soon as we got there, he told me that he wanted a hot fudge sunday (as always), and immediately sat down to wait for me to decide. He knows too well that I always take forever to decide what it is that I want, regardless of where we are. Be it a fancy restaurant, a grocery store, or his fridge, when it comes to food, I become very focused on making the right choice. Usually at a restaurant, I'll analyze each and every item on the menu, trying to balance health, taste, and cravings, ideally resulting in the optimal meal.

With ice cream however, it's hard to enter health into the equation. So, I just went with what sounded delcious at the time: one scoop of mint chocolate chip and one scoop of chocolate peanut butter ice cream, all topped off with hot fudge sauce, peanuts, almonds, and coconut. Yup. It was pretty delicious (and only caused my dairy sensitive self slight discomfort later on). Once again I failed at capturing this delciousness on camera.

Following the consumption of ice cream, we ventured to a nearby city for a jazz festival. We passed by a couple of decent acts, but we kept walking until we reached the jackpot. As soon as we heard the tone of the guitar in the distance, we knew that that would be our final destination. We took a seat on a balcony overlooking the band and a great portion of the audience. It was at this point that I remembered to take out my camera and snap a few pictures.

Not only did we have a great view of the band, but it was the optimal location for people watching. I just stared at the all of the people from above, as they reacted to the band and interacted with one another, and I was reminded of how much I enjoy being near people, and just observing their actions, mannerisms and facial expressions. Okay, so now I sound like a total creep. But, as I sat there with my legs dangling, grooving out to the music and observing all of the people around me, I thought about how great it would be to be able to truly capture some of these moments and expressions in a photograph. Following my previous attempts at taking pictures that night (see example up above), it became clear that one (or both) of two things needed to happen: 1. I need to learn how to take good pictures AND how to adjust those pictures to look good; and 2. I need to get a better camera that goes beyond the point and shoot features of my current camera.

To be honest, I usually skim through any photography mumbo jumbo that I've seen in other bloggers' posts, because I haven't really been all that interested in it, and I didn't understand any of it. I think I'll start by reading through some of those posts more thoroughly to see where I can begin. I can see photography becoming a new hobby of mine. And hopefully, not one that is too expensive..

Any advice for a point-and-shooting newbie?

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