Friday, September 2, 2011

No hummus? No problem.

Growing up, I ate everything very plain. I didn't like butter or mayo on sandwiches, I didn't like ketchup, mustard or relish on burgers and hotdogs, I didn't like sauce on my pasta, no dip with my veggies or dressing on my salad.

People thought I was weird. (okay, so I am a little weird..)

A lot of those things I still don't really like. But now, instead of eating everything super plain, I replace those condiments/sauces/dips them with things I DO like. For example, hummus. Oh hummus, how did I ever live without you? Why did I ever eat carrot sticks plain?

Sometimes I buy hummus, sometimes I make hummus, sometimes I have no hummus in the house and want to eat carrot sticks and don't feel like getting out the blender. What's a girl to do?

Answer: Make Tahini Dip!

Super simple to make. I made this up as I went, as I do for pretty much anything. I kind of tried to mimick making hummus - without the chickpeas.

Together in a bowl went:
1.5 TBSP tahini
juice of half a lime
1 TBSP water
1 TBSP plain greek yogurt
salt, to taste

Blogger fail #1: These measurements may or may not be completely accurate because I did not measure. Solution? Just add the ingredients a bit at a time and keep tasting until it's exactly what you want.

Blogger fail #2: I didn't take a picture until I was almost done. Solution? Make it yourself to see what the full portion looks like!


Did you eat things super plain or eat any weird combinations of food as a child that made people think you were weird?

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