Friday, September 16, 2011

Speed demon

Ahhh! I'm so giddy!

I just came back from an AMAZING run. I was feeling really tired today, and kept putting off this run. I planned to do a tempo run today after not having done a real tempo run in about 5 weeks.

Let's put some things in perspective:
For my last tempo run (5 weeks ish ago), I ran 8k including warmup and cooldown, and the middle 5k I ran at 5:16 min/km (or 8:28/mile).

Today, I ran 7 miles (11.25km) including warmup and cooldown, and the middle 5 miles (almost 8km) I ran at 4:56 min/km (or 7:56/mile)

Where did that speed come from?

I've been so down on myself lately with the upcoming marathon, feeling like my long runs are so hard. Last Sunday, at the end of my 35km run, all I could think was that I felt like absolute death and that I had no idea how I would be able to run 7.2 more km in 5 weeks time (at the same pace, in order to be under a 4:30 marathon). I've been reading marathon forums like crazy, freaking myself out that I haven't trained enough or properly and that I'm doomed to fail at the marathon. I've been so focused on all this negative thinking, that I haven't really been able to enjoy my runs. Which is silly really, because the reason I wanted to run a marathon in the first place was because I loved running.

Today, I felt amazing after (and during) my run. This is why I run. This is why I'm running a marathon. This shows that not only has my endurance increased over these past few months, but my speed has too! And I can run faster for longer!

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