Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You had me at goat cheese.


I have recently discovered that I love goat cheese. Whenever I'm out for dinner, I immediately gravitate towards anything on the menu that has goat cheese in it. Whenever I'm reading other blogs, I stop and drool at any recipe/picture with goat cheese in it. And most recently, whenever I'm at the grocery store, I actively search for, gently caress, and contemplate purchasing goat cheese. Goat cheese is pretty expensive. I suppose it's common for good cheese in general to be expensive. And you know, cheese in general is delicious. But, you see, I have great difficulties digesting most cheese. Me and cheese, unfortunately, do not get along. Goat cheese, however, seems to be an exception - probably why I seem to be so infatuated with it as of late. Nevertheless, each time I linger in the grocery store, goat cheese in hand, I ultimately decide to put it back. "I don't need it," I say.

Until today. Today, after being let down by Walmart for not having Clifbars in bulk (when I specifically biked all the way there to purchase Clifbars in bulk because I saw them at a different Walmart a few weeks ago and didn't buy them then and have regretted it ever since), I decided to splurge on a super small block (or roll?) of goat cheese for $3.97.

Best idea ever.

AND I discovered tonight that I can and will make it last, because even using just a little bit at a time makes a huge difference to a meal.

Like my dinner tonight:

Brown Rice, chopped spinach, red kidney beans, steamed broccoli, and sunflower seeds. Topped with a few squeezes of lemon juice and a few drizzles of olive oil. It tasted pretty good...
And then I remembered the goat cheese I had just bought, and it took it over the top.

And yes, I took the picture after I was halfway done eating the deliciousness.

Anyone else goat cheese fans?

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